Christmas in Aiken, SC, 2005

Aiken, South Carolina. dates back to 1835. It was named for William Aiken, Sr., President of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company. Between 1830 and 1833, William Aiken pioneered the construction of what was then the longest railroad in the world, the Charleston & Hamburg line. Extending from Charleston to Hamburg, it was 136 miles long. It was the first railroad built specifically for locomotive power. The original train, known as the "Best Friend," was the first locomotive constructed for regular railroad service in the United States.

Today Aiken has both an extensive downtown historic district and a challenging maize of streets. An unusual feature is that some residents have horses in stables behind their homes. Vehicular traffic must stop for equestian crossings. During a brief walk in a park, we had to avoid horse droppings.

A Horse in the Historic District
Horse, Joy and Me
An Old Cemetery in the Historic District and a Close-up Shot of the Tree
A Tombstone with Signatures of the Buried Couple
The Grave Marker of an Infact that Died at 505 Days of Age
United Confederate Veterans' Grave Markers
A Street Sign in the Historic District
Joy in Front of a Store
Joy with a Corn Snake
Mark and Joy's Tree before Dawn on Christmas Day
Stumpy Sleeping before Dawn on Christmas Morning
Joy Making Cheesecake on Christmas Day
Stumpy in Wrapping Paper



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